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Our long-lasting American-made steel targets are designed especially for rugged, high-impact situations. We use the toughest AR500 steel, which we then laser cut to minimize HAZ (Heat Affected Zone), maintaining the steel’s integrity for added longevity. Our method withstands the test of time and won’t wear out as quickly when compared to other manufacturers’ cheaper plasma- and torch-cut targets. Very importantly, we are a family-run business that takes pride in our work and quality on a daily basis. We put our customers first when developing new products, and never cut corners when it comes to your safety and our dedication to excellence when it comes to our materials and methods. Last but not least, we offer affordable prices. Our regular product lineup of hanging targets, reactive targets, target stands, and more is always affordable, but we have a specially priced Bargain Bin and Sale page, too. When you buy steel targets from XSteel Targets, you’re getting meticulously crafted, expertly engineered targets that are the best on the market.

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Black Widow Stand Black Widow Stand
Our Price: $85.97

Full Size Reactive IPSC Full Size Reactive IPSC
Our Price: $449.97