About Us

Bud Sanson and his son, William Sanson, have been avid outdoorsmen their entire lives. They’ve traveled to Africa and South America, to the majestic elk of the West, and all the way up to Alaska, where they chased brown bear (or might have been chased themselves). Bud and William have built numerous connections with people across the world while on their travels, and are familiar with the many ways of the avid sports and competition shooters.

In 2008, Bud received his FFL and began selling firearms. Shortly after that, he built a 700-yd range right out of his back door in Minnesota. He purchased targets online and found they were selling at outrageous prices and poor quality. Bud and William began cutting targets on their own, selling on eBay, Gun Broker, and of course, locally. The demand for their high quality superior products at the prices they were selling them at was extremely high, so in 2014, William launched XSteelTargets.com.

XSteel is dedicated to delivering only the best steel targets possible at the most affordable price. With access to unlimited amounts of multiple types of steel available in the United States, along with the most cutting-edge technology from Bystronic laser cutters, XSteel can make the best shooting practice targets and competition targets you desire. Laser cutting is superior to plasma cutting, allowing for smoother, more precise cuts that will not affect the metal’s integrity. Unlike plasma, which generates heat and causes the metal to fatigue and warp near the cuts, the laser cutter slices flawlessly, with no warping or metal fatigue. This is ideal for our AR500 and rimfire targets. Small holes and complex designs with flawless edge quality are easily done, whether on the heaviest or ultra-thin sheet metals.

Feel free to contact us for a quote for your order today, whether it’s a bulk order, a law enforcement/military order, or something fun, such as a life-size puzzle deer head, a ginormous full-size moose silhouette, or a simple 3" target—we can do it!