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Silhouette Shooting Targets to Get You Ready for Hunting Season

Hunting season is well underway, and keeping your shooting skills fresh is important now more than ever. While you could probably be satisfied with several types of targets, why not get a bit more of a realistic experience and check out our steel silhouette targets? These come in a variety of animals and look great on your range. At XSteel targets, we specialize in AR500 steel targets... More...

Where to Buy Shooting Targets

If you’re a shooting enthusiast, you’re probably wondering where the best place is to buy shooting targets. You have plenty of options to consider, and once you narrow those down, you’ll leap down the rabbit hole of options within options, types of materials, and, of course, where to buy shooting targets. In this article, we’ll go over what you should look for in a target and how to determine the best place to purchase them. More...

How to Shoot a Texas Star Shooting Target

The Texas star style shooting target is a fun and challenging target to use on the range, but if you know how to shoot a Texas star target, you’ll have a much better experience. It’s part of the reactive shooting targets class, which means that when you hit your mark, it’ll move. You’ll not only hear the satisfying ping when bullet hits steel, you’ll get a visual cue as well. When you’re searching for fun gun targets to buy, this one should definitely be on your list! More...

Gun Range Etiquette

The last thing you want to do is show up at a gun range for the first time and be asked to leave (or worse, hurt somebody) because you failed to follow the etiquette. Learn the basics of gun range etiquette here, which will make your next trip to the range even better. Get the best AR500 steel targets at XSteel Targets. We use only laser cutting methods... More...

Fun Gun Targets You Need to Try

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting for your occupation, competition, or recreation. You need to have a little fun here and there. You could slap up a piece of paper to shoot at, but is that much fun? We’re going to venture a guess and say no. You need a range setup that’s fun and engaging and that will help you improve your accuracy and skill at the same time. More...

The Best Steel Targets for Long Range Shooting
The Best Steel Targets for Long Range Shooting
It goes without question that safety is the number one consideration when you're using a firearm. Whether you're going out for a day at the shooting range, engaging in a competition, hunting, or something else, you must be aware of your environment at all times and know how to safely use your gun. One of the considerations you need to take is regarding the type of weapon you're using and the target. Small caliber handguns require... Read More

Ways to Mount a Steel Torso Target

Ways to Mount a Steel Torso Target

If you've purchased a steel torso target, you've got a variety of ways you can mount it. You want something that works for your gun, your range, and your shooting goals in mind. However, while it might be tempting to grab whatever scrap you have laying around to create a DIY stand, safety should be your number one priority when mounting steel targets.

XSteel Targets uses the toughest AR500 steel... Read More

What to Bring to the Shooting Range
What to Bring to the Shooting Range
In addition to the safety equipment you'll need, there are other items you'll want to bring to the shooting range to have the most successful day possible. Some ranges are equipped with amenities to make your time more comfortable, while others might not be much more than a grove nestled between two hills in the middle of nowhere. Be prepared for your day so you can spend more time shooting and less time running back to civilization... Read More

Tips to Make Steel Targets Last Longer

After you've invested money in setting up the perfect shooting range, you want to make sure those targets you've purchased last as long as possible. AR500 steel is tough and long lasting, but failing to care for them properly can make them wear out sooner than you would like.

XSteel Targets makes premium quality AR500 steel targets... Read More

The Key to the Best Steel Targets

When you're searching for the perfect targets for your shooting range, you're likely faced with thousands of options. We all know that steel targets are best because they last so much longer, among several other reasons. But what makes one type of target stand out above all the rest?... Read More

The Best AR500 Steel Rifle Targets

Rifle shooting has different requirements than other types of guns. They can range from less powerful models to extremely high-powered guns that can shoot targets from several thousand yards. Depending on the type of rifle you're using, you will need to select the best AR500 steel rifle targets for you.

XSteel Targets is your source for steel target systems... Read more

How to Build a Dueling Tree

When you're planning your shooting range, one part of this should be a dueling tree. It's an incredibly fun part of your range, but importantly, provides an excellent challenge to improve your skills. We've been asked many times how to build a dueling tree, and put together this guide.

XSteel Targets is the best place to get your AR500 steel targets. Every one of ours is cut using a laser... Read more

The Best Steel Pistol Targets

Published August 10, 2017

If you're a pistol shooter, you want to use the best steel pistol targets for your weapon, purpose for shooting, and range. You can't throw up just any target and expect to get the most bang for your buck. You need to determine which one is best suited to your needs, care for... Read More

The Best Steel Targets

A critical element of steel target shooting safety is the angle of the targets. The steel is harder than the bullets, so on impact, the slug shatters and creates projectiles in several directions. Because of this, you need to know how to angle them to prevent injuries. XSteel Targets has the best AR500 steel targets... Read More

A Guide to Steel Target Systems

Target shooting is far more than setting up a target and taking aim. Yes, it can be that simple, but we wanted to go into some of the various facets of the sport. This week, we're going to cover steel target systems. Setting up a system can make your practice more challenging and fun, and can push you to... Read More

Safety Equipment for Target Shooting

If there's one thing that's true about target shooting, it's that there's no such thing as a bad day of shooting. That said, a great day of shooting can turn tragic if proper safety precautions aren't handled ahead of time. No matter how experienced you are, a split second of carelessness can turn into... Read More

The Best Portable Steel Targets

Even if you belong to a gun club or have a shooting range set up on your property, having more portable options for your target practice is an option. Mounting steel gong targets to stands or plunging steel poppers into the earth are quick and easy, and if you don't have your own space, you can easily transport them to... Read More

How to Use Steel Targets Safely

How to Use Steel Targets Safely

Safety is the biggest consideration you have to take while using guns. While this might seem like a no-brainer, even those who take gun safety to the highest level can still make mistakes that could end up being deadly. When target shooting, you need to keep in mind... Read More

The Best Steel Targets - XSteel Targets

The Best Steel Targets

Even if you belong to a gun club or have a shooting range set up on your property, having more portable options for your target practice is an option. Mounting steel gong targets to stands or plunging steel poppers into the earth are quick and easy... Read More

How to Build Your Own Shooting Range

How To Build Your Own Shooting Range

Many gun enthusiasts spend a fair amount of time practicing at the range. This is important to not only improve marksmanship, but also to improve safety practices. But as many of us know, the cost to join a gun club can... Read More

How to Paint Steel Targets

Steel targets require paint, whether you’ve purchased a target that comes unpainted, or the ones you already own have been subjected to enough wear and tear to need a fresh coat. We at XSteel Targets ship all our targets unpainted... Read More