XSteel Targets Blog

XSteel Targets Blog

The Best Steel Targets

Published June 22, 2017
Even if you belong to a gun club or have a shooting range set up on your property, having more portable options for your target practice is an option. Mounting steel gong targets to stands or plunging steel poppers into the earth are quick and easy... Read More

How To Build Your Own Shooting Range

Published May 24, 2017
Many gun enthusiasts spend a fair amount of time practicing at the range. This is important to not only improve marksmanship, but also to improve safety practices. But as many of us know, the cost to join a gun club can... Read more.

How to Paint Steel Targets

Published June 15, 2017
Steel targets require paint, whether you’ve purchased a target that comes unpainted, or the ones you already own have been subjected to enough wear and tear to need a fresh coat. We at XSteel Targets ship all our targets unpainted... Read More