Why us?

Why should you shoot steel....
there are plenty of good reasons!

Interactive and fun!

Shooting steel targets is both interactive and fun for everyone involved. Whether you're shooting long distance and need more conformability with every hit, or if you're working with kids enthused in the shooting industry, we have something for you. Every time you have a hit on our super durable AR500 / AR550 steel targets, the signature sound and visual cosmetic mark provides a sense of immediate gratification and assurance that you've hit your target. No more walking up and down the range to find that the hole in the paper was actually where you put the staple. Just sit at the bench and shoot away!


By choosing Xsteel Targets, you are choosing America's #1 steel target manufacturer. Buy the best steel targets at an affordable price, both of which will make your shooting experience enjoyable. How so? Our targets are rated for thousands and thousands of strikes. When you use paper shooting targets, you have to change the sheets after a few dozen shots...if the paper even holds up that long. Steel can save you hundreds of dollars a year. In fact, the average shooter spends between $200-400 a year in paper targets. Put that money into steel just one time and you are set for several years to come! 


We choose from the highest-grade steels in America. This sets us apart from our competition, who use lesser-quality materials that suffer quicker fatigue and failure. All the AR500 steel we cut is certified and ballistically tested, which guarantees quality and satisfaction. Some target manufacturers may claim that ballistic testing on steel is not necessary since the target is not being used for armor applications. We find this both lazy and cheap. We want to make sure our targets exceed your expectations, so to guarantee our quality, we ballistic test. We will go over and beyond to provide the best in the industry!

Some might not think very much about a simple design but we put a high level of attention toward every design of every target and stand we produce. Even just a simple gong. Everything from where its cut to how it's cut, curvatures, hole size, placement, and even the temperature of the steel before it's cut is put into consideration. We follow this by extreme testing until failure. Every item we sell has been pushed to its limits, revised, and pushed to its limits again until we have found the best design for safety and longevity. A lot of time and work is put into each making us the safest, highest-quality, longest-lasting recreational and competition targets in the industry.

Cutting process

We feel that the cutting process we use deserves a category of its own. All our targets are laser cut with Bistronic laser cutters. The reason we use laser cutters is to preserve the integrity of the AR500 / AR550 steel, which reduces the HAZ (heat affected zone) around the cut edge. And that, in turn, leads to a better cut, unlike plasma cutting or torch cutting, both of which have more of a heat affect weakening the steel around the cut edge. Many will argue this fact (generally the plasma- cut guys), and come up with several excuses and state that there is not "that much more HAZ" in plasma cutting. 

Our response: We here at Xsteel Targets STRIVE to produce a HIGH-QUALITY target that supersedes the competitions. By doing this, we take advantage of every aspect, from cutting procedures to design, to maintain our edge on the market. So you might ask why anybody would want to torch cut or plasma cut? Simple. Because plasma cutting and torch cutting are cheaper ways of cutting the targets and that's the bottom line. A plasma table can be purchased for a fraction of the price of the laser cutter we use. If we found plasma cutting was a better alternative, or just as equal to laser cutting, we would love to take the advantage of the cheaper way to cut them. But until then, we will continue to steer away from that method and continue our journey of producing the best in the industry!