3/4" AR500 GONG 16"
3/4" AR500 GONG 16"
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 3/4" AR500 GONG 16"

3/4" AR500 GONG 16"

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3/4” AR500 ROUND GONG 12”

3/4" AR500 targets are specifically designed for big bore rifles ranging from .50 BMG and .408 Cheytech to .416 Barrett. Made from the best AR500 steel on todays market and cut by the finest CNC laser cutters to ensure the quality and integrity of the steel is preserved resulting in a longer life that will surpass the competitions! 

Rated for:

  • .50 BMG- ball and solid brass ammo at 300 yds or more, Improved 400yds or more
  • .416 & .408 lead core 300yds or more, brass solids 400 yds or more

Optional upgrades:

  • Choose to have your target powder coated for a ready to shoot experience!


  • Target is laser cut to accept 5/8" bolts!
  • Ships unpainted and without mounting hardware. 
  • Guaranteed high quality laser cut targets. DON’T SETTLE FOR THE CHEAPER PLASMA CUT.
  • We use the finest AR500 the market has to offer
  • All of our targets are made in AMERICA!


Do not shoot these targets any closer than the safe distance. Make sure contact area is free from nearby buildings, automobiles, etc. Make sure your backstop is adequate enough to properly detain projectiles. Shooters and spectators are required to wear eye protection while shooting or watching. Always remember these larger calibers were designed to penetrate armor steel. Most importantly always use good judgment while shooting large caliber rifles.


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