Black Widow Base

Black Widow Base

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Black Widow Static Target Base

We manufacture and sell the Black Widow stand for steel target shooting. This target stand is made for shooting static targets and can be used by shooters of all levels in all types of environments. The Black Widow steel target stand is fully adjustable and perfect for a wide range of target sizes, types and calibers. The target base holder is designed to fit a standard 2x4 with the option to move the base forward or backward to adjust for different impact velocities.



  • Static target
  • 2x4 holder
  • 2x4 

When you buy targets and target stands from our online store, you are buying the best AR500 steel targets and accessories on the market. We proudly make our targets in the USA in order to pass the savings along to you.

Simply bolt the 2x4 base holder and stand legs together and its ready to go with one of our
static targets (not included) 2x4 Target Holder (not included) and 2x4 (not included) cut to your desired height.


-Adjustable center allows shooter to move 2x4 holder to accommodate heart forwards leaning targets preventing stand from overloading and falling forwards.

-Stand can be turned to the side and shot from the 2" side of the 2x4. Making undesirable hits to your 2x4 slim to none!

-Mount (2) 2x4's to one stand base for multiple targets with one base stand with our 2x4 add on.

-Unstable ground? Using larger heavy targets? Try our leg extensions for more stability! Comes in 12" and 20" extension lengths.