X-Chain HD 3/8"

X-Chain HD 3/8"

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Heavy Duty 3/8” Target Hanging Chains

We manufacture the highest quality target hanging chains made from a durable grade 120 composite alloy. These target hanging chains are the most reliable on the market and able to withstand more impacts than any other grade of target chain. Our 3/8” heavy duty target chains will work with all of our static hanging targets and are perfect for pistol or high caliber rifles. These hanging chains can hold even our heaviest targets and are lighter than most other grades of target chains. Heavy duty target chains are resistant to bending, fatigue and have square links instead of the standard round link for additional strength.

HD Target Chain Features Include

This chain is 20% stronger than grade 100.

Comes with a powder coated finish for corrosion resistance.

Guaranteed to have 10x the life of ordinary chain.

One order comes with (2) 12" lengths.

A must have for heavy and long range shooters.

Our HD target hanging chains are the safest, most reliable target chains in the industry and made right here in the USA. Our products are made for extreme outdoor use and guaranteed to outlast the competition. Buy today to enjoy our low prices.